Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to ReadeasyTeachersClub Blog

Hi, I have made this blog so that I can share ideas with parents & other English teachers on how to teach children to read using phonics.

I've taught all 6 of my children to read in Bahasa Malaysia & also English successfully using my method Bacalah Anakku & Readeasy for the last 20 years.

Believe me, phonics is THE EASIEST & LEAST STRESSFULL method we can use to teach reading. I taught my 4 year old to read in 40 days. And I know many have taught their 6 year olds in 2 to 3 weeks( Wow!) because some have called to tell me their successful stories & to say thank you for writing the books. YOU are MOST welcome. The reason why I resigned from being an English teacher with KPM(Kementerian Pelajaran Msia) is because I wanted to share what I did with others. I wanted to give Malaysian kids the opportunity to learn to read at an early age. So YOUR SUCCESS is MY SUCCESS.

And next year (2011), the KPM has decided to use phonics to teach school children, starting Year 1, to read. It's official. Visit

I'm definitely excited, I hope the Year 1 teachers are too :)) Anyway if anyone has problems using phonics we could always talk about it in this blog.

Kudos to KPM

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