Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blending Sounds To Read

Your child will learn to walk without anyone's help, But he/she WILL NOT necessarily learn to read.

Reading is a complex skill just like swimming & driving. It has to be taught step-by-step.Even if a child has acquired the skill to read, he/she has to practise to become a good reader, a good speller and a creative writer.

In Readeasy Beginner Level, children are first taught 3 sounds /k/-'c', /æ/ -'a' and /t/-'t'. Then they are trained to blend the sounds to read the word 'cat'.

Tips to teach blending(reading):
1. Play oral blending game with your child using words taught in Book 1, cat, bat, cab, cot & tot.
Say /k-æ-t/ a few times and encourage your child to blend a
ll the sounds and say 'cat'. Repeat with other words.

2. Show the blending process using sound cards(provided in the Readeasy set) at least twice. Say each sound quickly as you move the cards. Then read 'cat'.

3. Let your child move the cards as you say the sounds.

4. Let your child say the sounds as she herself moves the cards. Then read the word.

5. After teaching blending using cards, go into the book & encourage your child to read the words taught.

You can watch the Readeacy VCD Teaching Guide to have a better understanding or join our workshop for a hands-on teaching experience.

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