Wednesday, February 16, 2011


UNIT 6 Dilly Duck's Doughnut
Lesson 1
Phonemes: /d/, /
Graphemes: d, i
Content Standard: 2.1
Learning Standards:2.1.2b, 2.1.3
Teaching Aids: a box, a witch's/wizard's hat, a wand, a pocket chart, sound cards 'd' and 'i', picture cards(dog, duck, doll, ink, iguana, igloo)
Time: 30 min

1. Teacher takes up the role of a wizard/witch(a nice witch ok).
2. Put the magic box on a table. Say "Nyak nyi song mati kaji sumak nyi seng!" to revise phonemes
/s æ t p m n/.
3. Teacher introduces new phoneme /
ɪ/ through the'Magic Box' activity.
Say"I have more magic sounds in the box. Magic Box, Magic Box what do you have for me?
Nyak nyi song mati kaji sumak nyi seng"
Pick sound card 'i'.
Say " I have an
Use basic teaching steps to introduce a phoneme.

Suggested association song: Illie Iguana i i i (pretend to scratch all over body).
Put grapheme 'i' on the leftside of the pocket chart.

4. Repeat Step 3 for phoneme /d/. Suggested association song: Daisy Duck d d d( put both hands over your heart and move your hands to the beat of your heart).
Put grapheme 'd' on
the rightside of the pocket chart.

5. Repeat
" Magic Box, Magic Box what do you have for me? Nyak nyi song mati kaji....".
Pick a picture card from the magic box. Ask pupils to name the picture(eg dog). Then say "What's the first sound you hear when I say 'dog'? Train pupils to say /d/.

6. Get a pupil to put the picture card below the correct grapheme.

7. Get the class to say "/d/ as in 'dog'".

8. Repeat Steps 5-7 for other picture cards.

9. Do writing activity. Refer basic steps to teach graphemes (shapes & formations). Do AB pg 26.

Conclude the lesson by flashing the sound cards 'i' and 'd' & singing the related action songs.

NOTE: Arrangment of cards in the magic box(from top to bottom)
1. s a t p m n(Revision of phonemes already taught)
2. i d (new graphemes)
3. picture cards: dog, igloo, iguana, doll, ink, duck(pictures of words beginning with phonemes /d/ and


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