Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Teaching reading in English to second(maybe third or fourth) language learners is not easy. In my personal experience as a Reading Tutor, many Malay children(who do not speak English at home) are able to read quite well after using Readeasy Phonics Beginner & Intermediate Level. However, understanding what they read is another issue.

Thus, parents and teachers alike, should include enrichment
activities at the same time of teaching phonics reading skills. These activities will help the children acquire the language. Good language acquisiton will help them learn to read fluently and with understanding.
  • Read aloud story books(so teachers please don't throw your Big Books away).
  • Sing action songs.
  • Recite poems, nursery rhymes, chants & alliterations(Cory Cat caught a crab.).
  • Role-play, show & tell.English Yr 1 Textbook, Action Song pg 29 , Poem pg 121, Role-play pg 38
I've come across a few people who refused to use phonics for the reason that children are reading like 'parrots'. Above are some suggestions to help children comprehend what they read. Showing & talking about the pictures of what they read will also help them understand. And don't forget to speak English to your kids wherever you go, whenever you can.

As a phonics practitioner for more than 20 years, I believe it is a tragedy NOT to teach children to read using synthetic phonics!


  1. Hello Nik,

    I respect your opinion totally. As a practitioner for more than 20 years, I believe there is no doubt whatsoever that you know what you are talking about.

    Phonics has caught my interest since a couple of years ago, and I have actually bought a few phonics-based materials for my students in order to help them to read English, but I have to confess that I don't really know how to use those materials to the fullest. KSSR has given me a lot of opportunity to explore and learn more about phonics.

    Thanks to you, I am now learning about synthetic phonics and discovering all I can about the teaching methods related to it.

    Your products have been most interesting, too. I am very interested to make some purchases in the near future. Will keep in touch.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello Cindy,
    TQ for ur interest. Indeed KSSR will give u ample opportunity to use phonics. However teachers have to have good knowledge about the English Sound Code in order for it to become succesful. Good luck!