Saturday, November 19, 2011

Inspiring Amir During Breakfast

This morning Amir ((9+) wanted peanut butter toast and milk for breakfast. As I suggested in my previous post, keep writing tools and a note book in your kitchen. To get him started, I said, "Let's play a game. Maybe you can write about things you see in the kitchen(what a boring suggestion!)..."
But I was lucky, something caught his eyes. He immediately said, " You mean like that freaking banana?"
So the 'freaking banana(s)' was the first
word he wrote under 'funny words'. His other words were:

2. weird black bread
3. sticky gooey peanut butter
4. milk- milky way
5. egghead eggspierd(from the word expired)
6. I am berry sorry (from 'strawberry')

As you can see Amir has handwriting issues but for now I let him enjoy creating funny words in the kitchen. When he finished his toast I encouraged him to write words to describe his peanut butter toast. Alhamdulillah mission accomplished. All in 15minutes!!

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